My Flash Fictions Pt.2

As a fun way of a bit of quick writing, I used as a tool to prompt my first sentences in the three following flash fictions written by me. Enjoy! ********************************************************************* So far, the disease had cropped up in five different towns. My boyfriend refused to acknowledge it, swiftly changed the subject when it cropped up in chats between friends, changed the channel when it had broadcast on the news on television. While he said with ludicrous confidence that it’d never reach us, I couldn’t help but start to doubt his reasoning. You see, they’d all started to act … Continue reading My Flash Fictions Pt.2

Semester 2 Overview

During the two weeks in which I hadn’t uploaded a blog post, University has rolled round once again and dropped me into the second semester of my second year here. This was the semester I was initially much less enthusiastic about, largely because most of the module choices didn’t really appeal to me- whereas in my first year I had so many more options that I was genuinely excited about. This semester, I chose to study Gothic and Horror, Romantic Period Writing, and Conflicting Words.  Gothic and Horror As a massive enthusiast of anything horror or gory, particularly on screen, … Continue reading Semester 2 Overview

A-Z of Me

I saw that Hannah at uploaded one of these tags this morning, and loved reading her answers and the idea of a more personal tag so much I decided to do one of my own. Not unlike a recent blog post of mine ( ), the following is an alphabetical mishmash of words that comprise who I am as a person.   A – Art. Although I don’t make a lot of time for it these days, I adore drawing and painting and making. B – Books, of course.  C – Coronation Street. It’s like a tradition in my family to watch Coronation … Continue reading A-Z of Me

You Are Loved – A Short Story     – Creative Writing Ink Prompt January 11th You Are Loved “Do we really need to do this?” I groaned, glancing up at the team leader. She looked down at me with a sympathetic smile, but there was a certain hardness to her eyes that told me that not participating isn’t an option. “Come on, Luke. It’s really not that hard.” She scanned the list of ‘positive messages’ beside me that we were given upon arrival. Probably to make it easier for cynics like me. “How about ‘I like your smile’?” I threw her an ‘are you kidding me?’ look … Continue reading You Are Loved – A Short Story

Essay Writing Tips and Tricks

Soon I will be going into the second semester of my second year at university. Throughout my time of studying, I’ve had plenty to reflect on what works well and what does not in terms of preparing/writing assignments. As a disclaimer, though, I must mention that I’m still learning myself and I am obviously not qualified to say that this blog post will guarantee you success, and that I have spent many a night frantically writing an assignment the day before the due date. I still do (some people never learn). But all the following tips and tricks are things … Continue reading Essay Writing Tips and Tricks

A To Z Bookish Survey

I found this book tag over on The Perpetual Page-Turner’s blog ( ) and thought it might be fun to answer the questions myself, as I’m certainly someone who enjoys reading and writing these kind of blog posts. Author you’ve read the most books from: As I’m more someone who reads books based on its own merit rather than because of who wrote it, the only author I can think of is J.K. Rowling. I’ve read all seven Harry Potter books at least seven times. Best sequel ever: I’m not really sure it classified as a sequel, it’s more of … Continue reading A To Z Bookish Survey

‘Ruby’ – A Short Story

She was young, but she carried a seductive aura of intensity that added years to her age. She had been walking the streets when he first met her. He had been with his wife, of all people. They saw her on the way back from the bar, baby faced and barely fifteen. She had been with a few other girls, older girls. She carried the same tired expression as her companions, except their hollow-cheeked faces were more firmly lined with a deep-rooted misery than hers. Her ghostly blue, deep-set eyes stirred something inside him, and he believed that she could … Continue reading ‘Ruby’ – A Short Story