The Work of Carrie Hope Fletcher

I first found out about Carrie from her Youtube channel (it’swaypastmybedtime). On screen she’s very engaging and bubbly, and upon further research of her I became extremely impressed of her talents not only in Youtube, but also acting, singing, and eventually writing. These are the reasons why she is definitely in my top 5 favourite Youtubers to watch

All I Know Now is Carrie’s first novel that contains, as said on the cover, “wonderings and reflections on growing up gracefully”. If I read this book a little earlier in my teens, I know I would have found it a useful guide on how to always stay kind, happy, and a well rounded person. Being older and more confident in myself and abilities, instead I have more of an outsider’s perspective on how this book would be so encouraging and great advice for those who are struggling. Carrie conducts this advice in a strong, commanding way, but is never pushy or deliberately tries to make you feel bad for your actions. She uses her own mistakes to better herself, and took the opportunity to create this book as a way for others to realise that if they’re also guilty of making similar mistakes, it’s fixable and definitely not the end of the world.

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On The Other Side is a novel that is packed full of themes and issues, including those of social, class, gender and sexuality. The fact that these are the issues that Carrie has chosen to explore displays that she is very in touch with the relevant social problems of the world today, and has a need to express them in her own way in her writing. I find that social class is rarely mentioned, particularly that of the middle class, in the types of books that I read. Because of this, the problems of this class is more interesting for me to read than the more widely discussed problems of those of lower classes, such as poverty. I’ll admit, when I first heard the names of the characters before the book was released (Evie Snow, Jim Summers), I internally groaned a little bit. I thought this was going to be a sign that this book might be a little bit, dare I say it, cringe worthy. I was pleasantly surprised. The names just work with the happy, fairy tale feel of the story. However, every fairy tale has a problem, and there are multiple problems in this plot, showing a darker, more challenging side to what on the surface seems like just an ordinary boy meets girl book. It’s a very well written book that allows Carrie’s truly wonderful imagination to flourish and sparkle.



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