Should Zoella Be Considered a ‘Real’ Author?

Before I begin, I should probably admit that binge watching Zoella videos, particularly her vlogs, is my guilty pleasure. I’m a fan of her as a YouTuber and genuinely do enjoy watching her life unfold through her camera. However, she never particularly struck me as the bookworm type, so when I heard she was writing a book, even more surprisingly a fictional one, I was shocked and a little sceptical.   Zoe Sugg faced an onslaught of negative reaction as soon as she announced her first book, excluding her loyal fans and fellow YouTube stars, of course. She was automatically … Continue reading Should Zoella Be Considered a ‘Real’ Author?

Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories

A few months back, I wrote a blog post exploring the characters of one of my most treasured books, Wonder. At the end of said blog post, I hinted that further discussion of the character’s in Auggie & Me was to come. Since this book is an essential read in developing understanding of key characters of the first novel, I felt obliged to share my thoughts, and how they have changed from the first book to the second. Auggie & Me contains the perspectives of Julian, Charlotte and Christopher, both in how August’s arrival has impacted them and also other … Continue reading Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories

Nicola Yoon

Recently, whilst on a month long break from writing blog posts (sorry about that) I’ve been on the hunt to find more books and authors that are not anything related to my University work. Thankfully, my first year, along with stress and deadlines and more stress, is now over. So, I decided to head to my local Waterstones and treat myself. When I came across ‘Everything Everything’, I immediately recognised it as a book that an upcoming film is based on. This caught my attention; I’m very interested in book to movie adaptations. Five minutes later, I had bought the … Continue reading Nicola Yoon

My Favourite Characters

As I did for my favourite Young Adult books, I have decided to create a list featuring my favourite, mainly fictional, characters, along with a one word summary of this character’s personality. This will be their stand out feature which I believe, personally, epitomizes who they are. Like my other list, this will be continual as I discover new characters.   I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN (Jandy Nelson) Noah Sweetwine – revolutionary Brian Connelly – dreamer THE MAZE RUNNER (James Dashner) Newt – kind Minho – loyal   DIVERGENT (Veronica Roth) Uriah Pedrad – adventurous HARRY POTTER/ FANTASTIC BEASTS (J.K. … Continue reading My Favourite Characters

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls, written by Patrick Ness, is a touching and often thought provoking novel that offers unique insight into how different people deal with the subject of grief, told through the fantasy genre. Although this book was something I preferred to read in spurts, and not something I couldn’t put down, I enjoyed it when I did pick it up to read. That’s not to say it is a light read, it’s far from it, but I thought prior to reading it I would be more engrossed with the story than what I was.   It deals with grief … Continue reading A Monster Calls


~will include spoilers~ It took me about half a year to actually pluck up the courage to buy Wonder. I had read the blurb previously in a bookstore, and it intrigued me, but it also made me uneasy at the same time. “My name is August. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse”. This concept of a narrative has always interested me. I enjoy books that include quite morbid themes rather than slightly more cheerful books because of the more emotional connection I tend to have towards them. But in this case, I just … Continue reading Wonder

Bookish Questions

Here’s a kind of get-to-know-me question and answer tag, bookish style! When was the last time you cried while reading a book? I think it was when re-reading I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. Strangely enough, the first time I read this I didn’t find it very emotional at all. It was only when I read it for a second time that I seemed to read into it more deeply and found a stronger connection with the beautiful art and love imagery (specifically regarding Noah and Brian’s relationship). What is your favourite snack while you’re reading? It has … Continue reading Bookish Questions