Bookish Questions

Here’s a kind of get-to-know-me question and answer tag, bookish style! When was the last time you cried while reading a book? I think it was when re-reading I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson. Strangely enough, the first time I read this I didn’t find it very emotional at all. It was only when I read it for a second time that I seemed to read into it more deeply and found a stronger connection with the beautiful art and love imagery (specifically regarding Noah and Brian’s relationship). What is your favourite snack while you’re reading? It has … Continue reading Bookish Questions

13 Minutes

I’ll admit, when I first picked up 13 Minutes, I wasn’t expecting much. I knew it was a murder mystery, but since the book was in the Young Adult section I thought the narrative would be simple and I would no doubt drift off and leave the book half finished. I could not have been more wrong. From the first chapter, I literally couldn’t tear my eyes away from the page (which I’m not saying I’m particularly proud of since I had assignments due in that week. Oops). It plunges you straight into the action and sets the scene with … Continue reading 13 Minutes

A Short Story

For part of my university assignment, I had the chance to write a creative response to a short story. The story I chose was ‘The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas’ by Ursula Le Guin (available to read online). This story centres around the idea of an utterly perfect place called Omelas. A utopia. But for Omelas to remain this way, there is one condition: the complete misery of one child. If this child is shown any kindness whatsoever, Omelas becomes damaged and the perfection of the place is destroyed. I wrote a creative response to this focusing on the child, … Continue reading A Short Story


~will contain spoilers~ Written by Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl is an honest, relatable depiction of new experiences and opportunities offered to a first year university student. It combines wit, humour and ‘dorky’ interests with more hard-hitting issues, such as family drama and the struggle of living with social anxiety. While, as most stories do, it concentrates on the lives of the characters, it also explores the whole culture of an online ‘fandom’, which makes it a fresh and modern read. Cath Cath is the protagonist of this story. She is reserved, socially anxious and obsessed with the life of fictional character Simon … Continue reading Fangirl

Why Literature Is and Always Will Be Important

Partly to procrastinate from my actual university work, I decided to compile a list of a couple of reasons why I think that literature is a beautiful and important medium. -The escapism -The immersive conversations with friends about a book you have both read -The excitement when a new book from a series you’re invested in is released – The way a particularly well written metaphor can be relatable and be applied to real life – The progression and changes it has been through throughout thousands of years -The books that make you smile -The books that make you cry -The … Continue reading Why Literature Is and Always Will Be Important

My Thoughts on John Green

John Green is universally known for his heart-wrenching and eloquent novels, and, like many others, I am a fan of his work. I find his novels to be an easy and often romantic read with an element of adventure recognised across all of his works. Interestingly though, I find Green’s collaborations with other authors capture my attention more than his own, individual work. The novels I will be exploring in this blog post are Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Looking for Alaska, Let It Snow, The Fault in Our Stars, and Paper Towns. ~will contain spoilers~ 5). Paper Towns For me … Continue reading My Thoughts on John Green

Writing About Things That Matter

I have always taken an interest in novels that send a message and spread awareness of social topics or issues that are relevant to today’s society. Not only do they open my eyes to the harsher realities that are endured by other people, but they also leave me more educated and informed. So in this blog post I will be sharing my thoughts on two LGBT, specifically focusing on transgender, books that I especially enjoyed. ~will contain spoilers~ The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williams (For any who have not read this book, David’s true identity is female, therefore … Continue reading Writing About Things That Matter