Favourite Books

I always find it interesting to learn other people’s favourite books. So in honour of this, I’ve asked the people closest to me (family and my best friend) what their favourite books are and why. The people I’ve asked are of different ages so it’ll be interesting to compare how different the type of books are.  (Verbal Answers) Mum:  Pride and Prejudice. I love Jane Austen’s style of writing, which is number 1; I like every book she writes. I love the story and the way it unfolds, because it’s a bit of a love-hate relationship but he wins her … Continue reading Favourite Books

Sci Fi Recommendations

A few science fiction recommendations made to me by my lecturers that I want to share with you, including film, television and academic reading: Film… The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Alien / Aliens / Alien Covenant / Prometheus  Blade Runner Ghost in the Shell The Bicentennial Man Ex Machina Star Wars Television… Doctor Who Humans Black Mirror Orphan Black Westworld Red Dwarf Stranger Things Academic Books… Gregory Hampton, Imagining Slaves and Robots in Literature, Film and Popular Culture (2015) Joanna Bryson, Robots should be slaves, IN: Close engagements with artificial companions (2010)   A sci fi Christmas playlist: https://playlists.net/wintergalactic   Thank you for … Continue reading Sci Fi Recommendations

Christmas Book Blogger Tag

An excuse to write about Christmas AND books?! Sign me up.  What is your favourite Christmas scene in a book? I don’t really have a particular scene in mind, but literally any scene from the Harry Potter series makes me feel distinctly warm and festive. I adore binge watching the films at this time of the year too.  Do you have any Christmas book traditions? I honestly don’t; recently I’m just happy to get any time to read books for pleasure rather than as a compulsory thing. Do you prefer to get presents of book vouchers or books? Books! Now … Continue reading Christmas Book Blogger Tag


September 2016, I was a fresher. Nervous, excited, but more than anything full of cautious anticipation about diving into the unknown. If I had read a book like Freshers before starting University, I feel as though I would have had more of an idea of what’s to come instead of being so completely in the dark. But if you’re looking for some comfort, some reassurance that University specifically in the UK isn’t as unfamiliar and bizarre an experience as you have been told, this book is not going to provide that for you. Instead, it recounts an utterly honest tale of two … Continue reading FRESHERS: A Review

Updates and Wrap-Ups

I’m sorry it’s been almost a whole month since I uploaded a new blog post… I’ve been (and currently still am) engulfed in a sea of reading and assignments. With all this going on, there hasn’t been much time to do any reading that isn’t for University. You know, for actual fun. But I do have a couple of new books on my bookshelves ready to read hopefully over Christmas, so new posts featuring those will be coming soon! For now though, I thought I’d just give you a brief summary of how I’ve been enjoying the reading this semester, … Continue reading Updates and Wrap-Ups

My Flash Fiction

Since I haven’t read any books recently that aren’t for my University modules (hence the lack of blog posts), I decided instead to just give you a quick taste of what I’ve been doing in my seminars. Here’s a piece of flash fiction that I recently wrote for class: ******************************************************************** Dots of red splatter onto the snow as I trudge along. I inhale deeply, taking in the fresh, open air and letting the peacefulness of it all overcome me. It is eerie how still everything seems, a stillness only broken by the occasional flutter of a bird in the trees, … Continue reading My Flash Fiction

Noughts & Crosses – A Short Review

“Sephy and Callum have been friends since early childhood. And that’s as far as it can go. Because theirs is a world full of prejudice, racism, distrust and mounting terrorist violence. Despite all this, a romance builds between the two friends. But this is a love that could lead both of them into terrible danger…” Sephy is a cross. Callum is a nought. In their world, crosses are the people with all the control and authority, while the noughts are second-class citizens, just because of the colour of their skin. Sounds familiar, right? Fifty years ago, Sephy and Callum’s world … Continue reading Noughts & Crosses – A Short Review