5 YA Books I’m Dying to Read

Since the majority of my book reviews on this blog feature Young Adult books, I’m presuming it’s quite obvious that it’s one of my favourite types of novel. But I need to read more! I’m seriously lacking in the YA department at the moment, so I’m making this list of ‘5 YA Books I’m Dying to Read’ as a reminder, if I ever happen to stumble across one, to buy it. But I also really hope this list interests you, and hope you see something that is your cup of tea. If I’ve missed off one of your favourite YA … Continue reading 5 YA Books I’m Dying to Read

The Versatility of Science Fiction

As you may already know, one of the modules I have chosen to study this year at University is Imaginary Worlds: Researching Science Fiction. The chance to study sci-fi in the form of written text rather than film intrigued me; my knowledge of science fiction could definitely do with a polish. In my first seminar for this class, we were instructed to make notes about what science fiction can do that social realism cannot do so well. I found this topic really interesting to think about, so I thought sharing ideas with other potential science fiction writers or those also studying … Continue reading The Versatility of Science Fiction

Why Is Fiction Important?

~~ sorry for the lack of posts of late, I’ve recently started Uni again so my schedule is a bit hectic at the minute~~ Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post titled “Why Literature Is and Always Will Be Important” ( https://thepoweroftheprintedwordsite.wordpress.com/2017/02/14/why-literature-is-and-always-will-be-important/ ), which listed several reasons why I believe literature is a powerful tool in today’s world. On Tuesday, I had my first Writing Fiction lecture at University. In this, the lecturer made us students compile our own lists as to how fiction is important. I found many of the responses thought-provoking, and decided I wanted to share them on my … Continue reading Why Is Fiction Important?

If Books Had Soundtracks…

I’ll Give You The Sun Intro – The xx This song has a dream-like quality that just works really well with opening sequences. Alongside the song in the background, on the screen there would be little snippets of Noah and Jude’s artwork accompanying the names of the actors and such. Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio The xx would fade and in comes a sudden powerful, intense burst of noise in the form of Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio. This is perfect for when Noah is being chased and eventually captured by the “reigning neighbourhood … Continue reading If Books Had Soundtracks…

The List

~will contain spoilers~ The List is a YA fiction novel centred around, as the title suggests, a list. But this is no ordinary list. This list has proven to both destroy and boost self confidence, both degrade and aggrandize reputations, and test friendships of all those involved. It takes no prisoners. The blurb is as follows: “It happens every September- THE LIST is posted all over school. Two girls are picked from each year. ONE IS NAMED THE PRETTIEST, ONE THE UGLIEST. The girls who aren’t picked are quickly forgotten. The girls who are become the centre of attention, and … Continue reading The List

The Harry Potter Tag

(I wasn’t tagged in this, but I’m going to do it anyway). What house are you in? I’m a proud Hufflepuff! You may snigger, but I’m proud to be categorised as loyal, dedicated, patient and fair. I’ll have no house snobbery on my blog!   What is your patronus? I actually had to check Pottermore again to make sure I remembered correctly as I always seem to forget which one I get. But my patronus is a bloodhound!   What is your wand? Spruce wood with a unicorn hair core, 11 ¾ inches and surprisingly swishy flexibility.   What would … Continue reading The Harry Potter Tag

Sunshine Blogger Award

Today I’m pleased to say that I’ve been nominated by the wonderful Rhea from https://bookchantedblog.wordpress.com/ for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you very much Rhea! The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo in your post and/or on your blog   The Questions: How would your best friends describe you? I like to think they’d … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award